Notice:The concept of this blog has been expanded to include those who live with others but still occasionally feel lonely. Gripe here...or give us some tips on how you cope creatively.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

What Do I Like About Living Alone?

Look at my blog photo and you can see the clutter behind me. No one's going to tell me to clean it up. Unless I nag myself, which I do sometimes, but mostly I just shrug and say, "That's me." This photo shows me posing in front of my iMac, which, it turns out, takes pictures like a camera. I do it a lot -- and there's no one here to make fun of me. Of course, now that I'm blogging about it publicly, I'm opening myself up for ridicule, but hopefully you'll be easy on me.

Living alone can be lonely, and the thought of being cooped up here alone in a snowstorm makes me sad, and the thought of getting really sick and having no one around to help scares me. But on the whole, life is good. I started this blog so others can share the pros and cons of living without another person there to share your home life.

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